Friday, October 30, 2009

cranberries galore!

Aren't they beautiful?? I went to a harvest this week and it was so interesting: men and women in waders, waist deep in 47 degree water, and the berries were so beautiful. Berries grown in Maine are three times the size of others and a much darker red...Yummy. I swear I would eat dog poop if it had cranberries in it. My favorite? Cranberry Orange

What a week: a stabbing, a trial for two boys accused of beating some other kids because the other kids are Indians, and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff. I'm not complaining though - some of my dear friends had to literally lock themselves in their homes because there was a manhunt for a killer in their neighborhood...Luckily they caught the guy nonchalantly having a cup of coffee this morning in a nearby restaurant. Clearly looney....

Today and this weekend are likely to be just as hectic. They still haven't found the two missing fishermen and I'm headed back to court today to deal with forgers!!!


Tatersmama said...

I was just a tad surprised to recently see that Australia now produces it's own cranberries! In warmish water, in warmish temps.. and oh my goodness, they're 'nasty'!
Give me Maine cranberries any day!

Lili said...

Oh I bet that cranberry harvest was breathtaking, plus all the Downeast blueberry fields turning that gorgeous shade of crimson right now.