Thursday, December 17, 2009

The snowmen have arrived.....There are the traditional little stuffed ones:

There are long-legged, funny hat wearing snowmen...

There are gawky snowgirl angels, framed by Jack Frost touched windows...

I really love those with the 1940s paper mache and glitter ones, like this silly snowman with his ruffle and bells, welcoming winter.

This is my dearest - look at that face. And I die everytime I see his little hat made from music sheets - another 1940s replica.

And of course, what would Christmas be without a tree - or three?

My shopping is done, all are wrapped except to add the ribbons at the last minute, and tomorrow I finish some last minute projects before heading off to central Maine and vacation. There is a cookie party, a bonfire solstice party, some girl-talk time, the annual Goddess Gathering and breakfast with two of my dearest, bestest friends. In between I'm getting new tires on the car, my eyes examined and a tooth repaired...

On Tuesday I head back home for my first Christmas in my little Sweet Pea Cabin. And on Christmas Eve afternoon, we'll all go to Tide Mill Farm and sing Christmas Carols to the cows...and of course drink hot chocolate and eat cookies!

If I'm lucky and get a few projects done, I might have TWO rooms completely finished before the new year. I lovely boy - so nice to look at - removed the old floor in my bedroom this morning so it is just a matter of a bit of paint and sewing two valances and that room is finito - finally.
I'm about eight floor tiles away from completing the bathroom. Got to move the toilet and then reset it to accomplish this one though...need Matt's help. My goal is to have four rooms finally completed by the end of January. And the lovely boy is available to help me tile the spare room and the broken knees for me! It sounds daunting but I've saved most of these projects for the winter because I couldn't help but be outside and at the beach all summer..... ah summer. Hard to feel it tonight, with the wind blowing the pines and the temperature below zero.

I'm so glad I have a hot wood stove to snuggle up to.


Lili said...

I just love all those snowman...and especially those trees. So imaginative and full of wonder! And my goodness, I have never sang carols to the cows, but it sounds like such wonderfully joyous afternoon! Your schedule sounds delightful and full of fun and holiday spirit. Enjoy!

Becky said...

Love the trees, they are so whimsical. Snowmen are one of my favs too. You are one very busy woman, have a fun weekend! Merry Christmas!