Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend company - YAY!!

My dear friends Donna and Janet came this weekend for a Downeast visit. It was so wonderful to have them here! I love Downeast but it is hard without friends...I think most of the people here have large families around them and do not host friends the way we did in central Maine. I had a party a while back and there were almost 40 people that came and said what a great time they had. But....not one return invitation. In the full year that I have been here, only one person has invited me to their home. One.....sad. and lonely....and that is why visits from my beloved Pittsfield friends are so important to me. We laugh, play and just have such good times together. Thank you for coming D and J!

Part of our weekend was spent on Campobello Island, where Donna's parents are buried. We paid our respects and then hit the park. Do you believe this view????

We hiked for a while Friday afternoon (on Saturday they did TWO hikes - Bold Coast and the Western Head Preserve while I worked for a couple hours) and talked and laughed the whole time!

Donna in a pensive moment on a pier at Campobello....she spent many days here in her youth and was feeling so comfortable and at home on the island.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's cottage - an amazing park, an amazing historical tour.

And we timed it right - the gardens were glorious in their blooming, including the dahlias below.

Saturday night was for enjoying gourmet pizza, drinking wine and playing dominoes. When they left Sunday morning, my heart was heavy. I miss everyone so much and just love sharing my beautiful Downeast with them....


Trudy said...

I was so disappointed at not being able to be with you this weekend. Hang in there, you are meeting new people all the time and eventually you will find those friends. Maybe folks there are just shy! They haven't recognized the treasure you are. could always move back!!!!

Love you.

truewonder said...

For An Exile...(John O'Donohue)

...Now is the time to hold faithful
To your dream, to understand
That this is an interim time
Full of awkward disconnection...

...Gradually you will come to find
Your way to friends who will open
Doors into a new belonging.

Yeah, I feel this way too and then I think- what treasure might I garner eventually? Can I hold fast? Difficult at times, that is for the darnedest sure- but I chose to rip out roots and go to seed. As lonely as it can also speaks of freedom in a way-more than I could have ever even wondered on. What do you think- freeing or confining? Surprising how both seem to represent my relocation to Maine.
A smile to you, take care-

Hazel Mitchell said...

OK OK I'll be back in September and will write another book! You know the group in Pittsfield is unusual. In 4 years I had only made 4 friends until i met you! So don't blame down East ...

Lili said...

Love this post and the beautiful images you captured. And you know I had soooo much fun with you the day we met, I wish you were a bit closer. We haven't even been down that way in forever, but you are a JOY to be around and I hope you know, you don't ever need any invitation to see us if you ever find yourself down this way! ~Lili