Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is a very special day in my life.....

Thirty-two years ago a bundle of energy and sweetness, my third son, Daniel, was born. He arrived with a huge curiosity already in place and a zest for life that has never abated. He was a precious baby, a wonderful toddler, a challenging teen and now has become an amazing father. Along the way he broke rules, broke cars, snowmobiles and motorcycles, once or twice he broke himself, broke a few hearts...
Today he is a master plumber. He has built a beautiful home, stayed loyal to friends and family, works incredibly hard and many long hours, and has done it all HIS way. He is the guy that stops and helps turtles cross the road, gives a hurting friend his last dollar, and his laugh is a sound no one can forget.

Three years later, while preparing for Daniel's 3rd birthday party, I went into labor and delivered Faye (Jenny), my daughter. She arrived with eyes wide open, softness and beauty surrounding her. She was gentle and precious. As a little girl, she never got or gave enough hugs; she dressed her puppies in dolly clothes; and smiled at every turn. Her sweetness provided a balance in our family of five boys...Her sensitivity became our barometer. She is the glue that holds all her brothers together. She is an amazing mother to her daughter Kiley - I am in awe of her parenting skills. Today she has put her education degree on hold and owns a blues' themed deli and pizzaria. She is a part of her community and can be counted on for everything from a hug to a hot meal.

I am in awe of my adult children. They didn't always have it easy. There were times in our life together when we truly struggled - not just emotionally, but financially as well. They can tell stories - now with laughter - about needing sneakers, about eating rice and ketchup for supper, about getting only a 50-cent coloring book and crayons for a birthday gift.

But even these challenges shaped and molded them; taught them respect and honesty and gentleness; taught them never to take anything for granted, nor to look down on anyone who had less, from belongings to education; it taught them to share, to appreciate, and to forgive.

My children love with ALL of their hearts - unconditionally. They are good people with good values and common sense. My heart bursts and my eyes shine when I think of them.

So Ground Hog's Day holds a very special place in my heart - happy birthday, my two piglets. I love you more than all the stars in the sky, all the snow in Maine and all the tea in China. XXXX Mom


Becky said...

That's pretty neat! Hope you and Faye are feeling better after the other day.


sweet post.