Wednesday, February 3, 2010

uh's snowing.

As I awoke this morning to find snow on the ground and big flakes still wafting down, a feeling of doom surrounded me.

I was really scared. My accident has apparently affected me a bit deeper than I thought. I am absolutely terrified at the thought of driving anywhere today. How long will it take for this to pass?


Mike Lange said...

It will take a few days to get used to driving again. When I worked in Greenville, I demolished a company vehicle on Route 15 in Monson about six or seven years ago.

I hit some black ice, ran into a guard rail on the right side and slid across the road on my roof. Somehow, I got out without anything more than a few bumps. Just about every window was broken, and I'm lucky I didn't get showered with glass slivers.

To this day, I always slow down on that curve.

Elenka said...

I had an accident 30 years ago in slush, not as bad as yours but it caused me to be a wicked nervous driver in snow....I hate to tell you this....even to this day.
I knew I wasn't speeding, accelerating, braking or doing anything, and I still lost control of the car.
Hoping you have a speedy recovery.