Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a disaster around here!

This is my kitchen - chuck full of living room furniture. My bedroom is full of art and lamps and the spare room is all aclutter with odd chairs and ottomans. And why, you ask?

Because a lovely young man named Bob is coming in the morning to sand my living room floor!
WAHOO! I have been waiting more than a year for this and I cannot wait to see it done.

I got a jump on things this morning (before breakfast!) and sanded my nice deep windowsills - look at the difference! The finish was reallybrittle and so it came off quite easily. In some places, however, I had to sand a bit deeper to remove cat scratch marks. But once they are poly'd they will be lovely.

So cleaning up all this will take me days - a week? But it will be so worth it. One more project I can cross off my list! I promise to show off the finished floor with pictures....

And speaking of pictures, I'm working on a really different art project. Lubec is hosting a contest this summer for art made with ocean debris. I've been beach combing for weeks and a have a pile of "sea trash" that I'm working with - ropes, plastic jugs, metal pans, bait bags, lobster elastics, an orange buoy, crockery and sea glass.

I'm going to document the process and will put up the pics when it is done. I think you are going to like this one!


Becky said...

Your new art project sounds exciting! Will be waiting for the pics! You are one hard worker!

Lili said...

Oooooh I would love to see what you come up with Sharon! Sounds like such a fun project. ~Lili