Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally the sun and a beach day for us all! We found stuff...

Kiley found the water! She is a beach rat and loves it - we were at Roque Bluffs, a wonderful state park right on the ocean, and surprisingly the water was was low tide and there was a wonderful sandbar where we played.

Then she found seaweed - the wind was blowing and she ran up and down the sand pretending it was a kite. "Go ! Go !" she shouted as she ran.

Then she found her sunglasses in her beach bag. This clearly helped her see the bunches of little rocks that she picked up and carried everywhere.

And of course there was the wildlife! She found a snail, pulled him off his rock and then put him back on - upside down. She saw crabs, clams, some little crayfish that might have been tiny shrimp, and of course, the sea gulls.

To see the ocean and beach through the eyes of a child is a wonder all over again. I think we might have to go back tomorrow afternoon!


Tatersmama said...

What a perfect day you had.... and what gorgeous photos you have to show for it!
Little Kiley is sweet enough to eat and I bet she had an absolute ball - and then slept like a baby afterwards!!

Libby's Library said...

She is sooooo darn cute - you just want to reach out and squeeze those cheeks.

BTW - I have something for you at my place, come on over and get it:-)

Lili said...

These pictures of Kiley are outstanding...I can envision a couple of them as paintings. So glad you got out and enjoyed this gorgeous weather! Another one tomorrow too!

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

awwwww what an awesome day...thanks for sharing the pics with us!!!

Becky said...

What a great day ya'll had at the beach! She is so cute!