Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is my horrible day:

* Miss Emma woke me at 4 a.m. running and crying at every window in the house because there was a giant skunk, I mean a skunk on steroids, outside my bedroom window.

*They are building an addition on the house next door and they hammer, hammer, hammer ALL day. They are also renovating the house across the street. Ditto on the hammering.

*Thought I had to do two fairly uncomplicated stories this morning and ended up with four - two stressful ones. I still have to work tonight.

*My atm card won't work at the !@#$%@!! credit union here.

*Miss Emma peed on the spare room rug (she is having settling-in-at-the-new-home issues, I think.)

*When I went downtown, I forgot AGAIN to stop at the post office and file for my passport.

*I tripped over my own door sill and fell down getting into my own home. My knee hurts.

*I'm out of Ovaltine.

*A fun boat ride up the Pleasant River was canceled due to fog. I was counting on this to balance everything else out.

*I'm homesick. Really, really homesick. I miss my son Danny and his pregnant wife Amanda. I miss my Goddesses and I can't hear them laugh from here and I can't feel their hugs from here. I miss my cops and my firefighters. I miss the great chicken Ceasar salad at the Mill Pond Pizza joint. I miss sitting with the dog in Manson Park and watching the river flow by. I miss driving on roads that are as familiar to me as my children's voices.

This is a very, very sucky day. And now it is starting to rain. Again.


Hazel said...

Ah Sharon ... I am having a sucky day too. Give it all up, have a long bath, a big drink and know that you will be thrust into the madness here again at the weekend!

Rain is supposed to be bad here tonight too ... so pity me trailing out to minister to the sick pony in knee deep f*****g mud (into which I have fallen several times and cried in frustration) coupled with hoping that said pony will EAT something and not die on me.


Big Hug

Kugo said...

Oh, this does sound like a bad day for you. The only good thing about days like this is they end. Sometimes life just happens and you have to sit there and watch it. Take a long bath, curl up under the covers and read a good book.

BTW, jealous you live in Maine...always wanted to visit Maine.


Lisa said...

Well it can't get anything but better, right?


Becky said...

We are all miserable when the Queen is miserable! Wishing you a much better day tomorrow!!

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

Found you through my feedjit widget thingy.

Am really enjoying your writing and in a show of either sympathy or solidarity (possibly both), am having a glass of wine in your honour!

nfmgirl said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day, but at least you didn't wake up with the skunk *on your leg*. I did! Well, actually as a teen I woke up hearing the sound of something shuffling through papers in my bedroom. I froze trying to figure out what it was, as it was just a couple of feet from me, but not visible in the dark. After a minute it lumbered into view next to my leg, and proceeded to prop itself up on my leg while it sniffed the air. Then disappeared down by my feet and sneaked back under the bedroom door.

We went through the house (my mother forced me to walk in front of her, and I used a pillow as a shield in case it sprayed), but we never found it-- only the droppings it had left behind (my mother believed I had dreamed the whole thing until she stepped in it's conveniently left dropping in the hall outside my bedroom). We did, however, find the hole it had sneaked in through and plugged it. It was a small spotted skunk.

My mother watched a massive one on steroids (like your skunk) escape from a humane trap in the yard one night. She heard the cage door slam shut, looked out the window, and saw the door had closed on the skunk's tail. She said the skunk was so large it filled the cage, and it proceeded to LIFT THE DOOR WITH ITS TAIL! Then it escaped. Biggest skunk she ever saw!

Hope tomorrow is better for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...her day got better! A sock-hop and rootbeer floats! -Faye

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