Friday, April 30, 2010

It's going to be a cupcake summer.

This one is a Chai Spice cupcake (sorry it is out of focus) - which tasted wonderful! I just substituted a cup of VERY strong Chai tea for the water in a spice cake recipe. It has cream cheese frosting with cinnamon sugar and vanilla crunchies....
Every summer I pick a food challenge for myself. Two years ago it was 1950s cocktails (Boy was THAT a fun summer!) Last year it was barbecue sauce, and this year it is cupcakes and salad dressing. So far I've only been concentrating on the cupcakes while waiting for local spring greens to be available.
At Kiley's birthday celebration last week, it was a cupcake bonanza: white frosting, cream cheese frosting, spicey Chai cakes and Red Velvet, lots of sprinkles and decorations. Kids (and all the adults) love cupcakes!
I made minis for the kids and big ones for the adults, but I kept catching grown ups popping the minis in. Check out the little cupcake plates I got at TJMaxx a couple weeks ago - some are shapped like cakes and then there are the sweet ones with ruffled edges...I Love Them!

When we weren't eating cupcakes or lobster or other stuff, we played in the back yard. Here is a shot of half of my kids. There is (from left) my son Russell and his sweetie Taryn, Kiley, my daughter Faye and her husband Matt, my son Daniel, Karlin and Daniel's wife Amanda. What a group! There are three children and their spouses/others that are of these days we will all be together - but I'll need a very wide lens to fit them all in the picture!

This was Karlin's first trip Down East and Kiley was so happy to have him here (not to mention how happy this grandmother was!) He is absolutely precious and Kiley is so sweet with him.

It was hard to say goodbye to Russ and Taryn (it always is so heart wrenching.) I don't think we'll get to see them again until a family wedding this summer. I love them both so much.... They got back to Bayonne all in one piece after a fun stop in Freeport for a bit of shopping.

So, is anyone willing to share their absolutely favorite homemade salad dressing recipe? I'll keep everyone posted....this weekend I'm going to try making Twinkee cupcakes, complete with a good filling. I'll share...bonfire is at 7 p.m. Saturday night!


Lifes a Rush said...

what were some of your favorites from last years experimenting with BBQ sauce?

Lili said...

Oh what a great celebration you had with your family. We too are missing ours after just having returned from a visit with them. You wouldn't want my homemade salad dressing recipe yet, it still needs something. I think I need one of yours. And those cupcakes, what an instant happiness boost just to see all of them. Yum! ~Lili