Monday, May 3, 2010

Kiley's party - for the second time around! And the latest cupcake trial:

Of course there were cupcakes - Faye's friend Amanda made little cupcakes with sugar pictures of Kiley's face on top! Faye offered a little craft - painting sailor caps. They loved it!
The guests were all from Kiley's day care at the University of Maine. There is Reilly, a tiny little girl, Jamal, Kiley's best friend, and Luke, Reilly's sister. Judah came a little late and was a bit young for this project.

Jamal is surrounded by bubbles - the hit of the party! Jamal is Kiley's best, best friend and she was ecstatic to have him at her home. "This is Kiley's house!" she kept shouting to him.

And Kiley couldn't get enough of the bubbles herself!

And discovering she actually had pockets was a sure highlight of the day!

The perfect cupcake quest continues....This weekend I made Twinkee cupcakes. They were wonderful but didn't taste like Twinkees. The filling was near perfect but the recipe called for using a pound cake recipe and gently lifting in four whipped egg whites. Sounds like it would be light and spongy but it wasn't - it was heavy like pound cake. It was a good cupcake but not what I was going for.

This coming weekend I'm going to try Hostess cupcakes - filling, chocolate smooth frosting and the little squiggle. I'll keep you posted.
Today I head to St. Croix National Park in Calais, where they are building a new rangers' station. It is not too bad out but it is overcast - if I'm headed to the sea I am selfish enough to also want the sun! And tonight there is a free concert at the university by the Town Band, a group of local folks who play Americana-type music. Should be a hoot! Wanna come?


Becky said...

Kiley is getting so big! Her little friends sure are cute. Love her in the bubbles. I have a giant bubble wand that I drive the dogs crazy with. They chase those bubbles all over the yard and bite at them. So funny! That cupcake looks delish!

Lili said...

Oh your little Kiley is getting so big! And between her shouting to Jamal "This is Kiley's house!" and then the expression in the shot of her finding her pockets, I'm sitting here enjoying the shear joy of it all. And oh the cupcakes look pretty good to me as once again, I'm trying to be on the straight and narrow before my yearly dr. appt. :( Enjoy though! ~Lili

Libby's Library said...

I can't believe how tall she's gotten.
Sorry that I haven't been around much lately,
but I'll try harder. Promise!

Gladys said...

she is such a little doll!