Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Good Lord, I think I'm a JUNKIE!

I have been suffering from serious allergy issues this past week - for the first time in my life - and yesterday I finally gave in and bought Zyrtec. I was really afraid it was going to make me sleepy...


I cleaned my office, that means moving five pieces of furniture and 7,000 cans and bottles of paint, swept and vacuumed the entire house, fed and washed and walked the dog, hauled an 8 x 10 rug out to the clothesline and washed and rinsed it with the hose, did a load of wash, dried the load of wash, wrote two stories ......

all in 30 minutes.

What an effect that medication had on me - it's like I'm a hopped up, buzzed out, meth head. I can't move fast enough, I can't think fast enough. I think I could get addicted to this - what are the symptoms?
I took one of the pills last evening and was worried that I wouldn't sleep - Ha Ha and another Ha - I slept like the dead, but had the most vivid of dreams.
In the last one I remember, I was a master carpenter and was building my dream house; literally building it myself, showing others how to raise the walls, put in the plumbing, electrify it. I was strangely competent in this dream and very, I say VERY attractive. (After all, it was MY dream!)
There were three horses living in the kitchen and a boy I went to high school with (and haven't seen since 1966) was the foreman. He was tiling the kitchen ceiling with floor tiles and told me that it would be easier to clean.
Richard Nixon kept coming by and I kept throwing him out - he was pretending he was the code enforcement inspector. PALEEEEEEZ! Nixon? Following the rules?
Ella Grasso, who was the governor of Connecticut once, was installing my hot tub but the "Don't Squeeze the Charmin" man (whoever he is) was already inside it!!!
I cannot wait to turn my brain on again tonight...


Lili said...

All in all I think things sound pretty normal over your way, if you just happened to be a JUNKIE that is :) WOW! All that from Zyrtec, huh? Your real life is always pretty interesting, and now even your dreams are getting in on the action. But tell us, how did it work on your allegies? ~Lili

Tatersmama said...

Wow... I think I need to get me some Zyrtec! Maybe it would help me get off this computer chair and get something accomplished around here, eh? Like pulling out knee-high weeds that are now covering almost 1/4 an acre. Oh, and maybe the dishes, of course! But Fearless Nester is right... in spite of all the semi-good side effects, does it work on allergies? My son gets them BAD and he's always on the look out for something that will help. ~ Tatersmama

Queenie said...

Fearless - It seems to be working. Symptoms are not completely GONE but greatly diminished. Sore throat: gone. Post-nasal drip: gone. Headache and eye soreness: gone. Oh, and here is a bonus: appetite: gone.