Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am shocked at the treatment we didn't receive...

Miss Emma has been in the throes of an allergy attack for two days. I have been dosing her with children's Benadryl (per my vet's advice) but yesterday afternoon I felt this choking and breathing problem had gone on long enough.

I had my daughter call HER vet - since I'm up here in Machias and 2 1/2 hours away from my beloved vet - and she explained the situation and the breathing problems and how Emma should get a steroid shot asap. The vet's asst. said she needed to see the dog right away.

We drove lickety split to the vet and were told WE HAD NO APPOINTMENT!!!!
We said it was an emergency.
We said there was difficulty breathing.
We said the dog was clearly in distress.

Sorry, the vet tech said - with a smirk, I might add - you don't have an appointment.
Drive to Brewer, we were advised, which has an emergency clinic, because this vet had no time for non-appointees.
Brewer, by the way, is about two hours away.

If the dog had been hit by a car, would the treatment have been the same?
If she had STOPPED breathing, would the treatment have been the same?

To put your mind to ease, we dosed her with a higher level of benadryl and she seems to be breathing much better. (Since there is no other vet up here our options were limited. I will be home in Pittsfield tomorrow and take her to MY vet for a shot.)

You can see that since I am moving here, and this is the only vet for hours, I am beyond thrilled at this lack of care......what to do. what to do. I think I will be dropping the vet a note, explain what happened and ask if this is the kind of treatment I can expect for Miss Emma if I choose her as my vet....and I will still be exploring other options.

My heart is heavy today.


ANPfisher said...

Might I suggest the Schoodic Vet Clinic not nearby but a LOT closer than Brewer and a GREAT clinic with a GREAT reputation

Lili said...

Yes, yes I agree... Schoodic Animal Clinic in Sullivan...we were always VERY pleased with them. Oh I'm so sorry you went through that with your little Emma...but at least you know where NOT to go now.

Dawn Fortune said...

Ask my friend Elizabeth where she takes her dog... good luck. Poor Emma!

Libby's Library said...

Even if you choose to go to another vet, I would send a letter and mark it personal (on the envelope and inside), and send with a signature request. I think that this vet should know what type of treatment is being dished out by his/her employees!

Becky said...

I agree with Libby. Hope Emma is feeling better soon!