Monday, September 21, 2009

The amazing walk....

Look at the people!!! There were more than 5,000 people - men, women, children and one crazy guy who painted his entire self pink - in the Race for the Cure Sunday in Bangor. Eight of us - nine including Kiley - were the Tu Tus for Ta Tas team. We raised more than $500 and I still can't get over how good I feel!

Here's the amazing team: workers at the Fat Cat Deli, my daughter's business, sons and boyfriends (my son in law behind the camera) myself and Kiley - perfect weather and perfect company.

Just when my feet started to hurt and I thought about complaining, I spotted this guy and said there was no way I wasn't finishing all 5K - and I did! Today my hips hurt a bit and my feet were killing me last night but it was worth every step.

On the backs of walkers/runners were the people they were walking for. I wrote the names on my sleeve: Babe Mack, Beth Hathaway, Brenda Beal, Sherry Thomas.

And this was how Kiley felt when the walk was over and we were enjoying a great dinner at the Texas Roadhouse - a great day!


Libby's Library said...

I love the name of your group - fits you to a T!

Lili said...


Krista Higdon said...

I was scanning blogs from my blog ( and happened on yours. I saw you in the tu-tu and it was so weird! I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-day in Atlanta in October and am also a tu-tu. That was the hardest weekend of my life but I've never felt better about something! I walked in memory of my grandmother and through the strife it def gives you a good sense of yourself and the love you have for those your walking! Kudos to you from a fellow tu-tu!!