Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vacation Day 12:

A whale watch trip extra-extra-ordonnaire!!!!! This is the lighthouse on the end of Campobello Island, New Brunswick - gorgeous! The herring pens are empty because the fish haven't started running yet.

Here is a finback - the second largest whale in the world!! They were everywhere and at one point the boat was surrounded - when they blow the water we were getting showered..

Here are THREE finbacks, playing together - they went up and down dozens of times.

This was a tour boat nearby and you can get some perspective on how really HUGE these whales are!

In the cove at Wilson's Beach, this minke whale decided to put on a show - propelling herself completely out of the water and then (below) slamming back down - wonderful!!!

One of the most special moments was the surfacing of an endangered right whale - I wasn't quick enough on the camera to catch anything more than the tip of its tail as it submerged again....I was awed!

All in all, a wonderful day - which also included dozens of seals and other wildlife. Anyone who wants to go and be 100 percent guaranteed of a good time and plenty of sightings: Captain Riddle's on Campobello. I promise it is an adventure you won't forget!


Country Girl said...

Wow, you got some great pictures of them. I learned a few things as well. Thanks for sharing. I am reading backwards to were I last left off. :)

Becky said...

Lucky you! Very nice photos! I want to be just like you since you seem to do the neatest things.

Nancy said...

Certainly a fabulous Day 12 of your vacation! A whale of a tale!