Friday, March 5, 2010

ah sun, oh beautiful sun

There is a stranger in my home this morning. It began as a slight glow on the horizon, strengthened as its fingers slipped through the evergreens outside my window and finally poured into the studio.

The sun has returned.

Despite the wind and snow cover, the birds are busy being merry at the feeders - chickadees, juncos, sparrows and four soft gray mourning doves this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel, who have been exhibiting a lot of hanky-panky this past week, appear to be sleeping in. Even the little bit of snow on the feeders' roofs seems to glisten as it reflects the light.

I think I actually heard the houseplants on my desk sigh.....

This gift of sun is like food or water - it refreshes me, settles me, puts an instant smile on my face. As I search myself for a feeling, I recognize hope. Winter sucks me dry, stealing my spirit and taking away all hope of better days, longer days, more sun. I feel claustrophobic, trapped by icy roads or my fear of them.

So today I am almost giddy. The sun on my face is salve for my soul. I'm traveling to Pleasant Point, the reservation at Sipyak, for an annual Polar Bear Dip (No, I am not dipping!!) and then to a shellfish meeting and ending the night at the Cobscook Community Learning Center for a music and pizza night.

For now, though. I'll sit here with my steaming coffee, sipping in the brilliant shine of the sun. Ah sun, beautiful sun.


Hazel Mitchell said...

It's in Detroit too! I wish I was going to the ocean today!


lovely post - makes me think spring is really on its way! unlike you, i love the darkness and stillness of winter, and get a bit bummed thinking that the hours of light are lengthening...but once the snow starts to melt...i find myself wanting more heat, green, and light.

your day sounded perfect - how was that polar dip?

Elenka said...

Supposed to be in the 50's all next week in Maine!