Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today starting off dreary and rainy.

But it brightened a bit as the morning wore on.
I had an interview in Jonesport and as I pulled into town, with the ocean to my left, fog enveloped me. The sea was a bit angry after days of storms and the scene was so incredibly beautiful: fog shrouded islands offshore, black rocks being struck by waves, white foam crashing on the beach.

I walked on the town pier for a while - arriving a bit too early for my story - and as I stood looking into the reach, at all the lobster boats, the scallop draggers and the pile of small dinghies on the dock, the sun weakly pushed its way through.
Suddenly, all at once, as if someone had snapped their fingers in a mystical magic trick, the fog vanished and the sun poured down.

The gray water turned a gorgeous blue/green. Men hanging around the pier suddenly began talking a little louder and laughing more often. Gulls wheeled and a family of ducks flew by.

It was if everything breathed a great collective sigh of relief.

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Lili said...

I couldn't have put it so well into words like you did, but I noticed the same kind of thing happened here today too! ~Lili