Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh my faithful readers,

I'm having to make a decision here and I need your help. I'm worried about posting family pictures here on this blog, especially pictures of Kiley.
I'm thinking that maybe I will stop - and just do scenic stuff etc.

Please let me know what you think?

I'm heading out for two weeks' vacation and I'll be posting every day (I promise) about what I am up to!


Libby's Library said...

Oh Queenie - this has to be your decision. Have you discussed this with your children?
Follow your heart, and your gut...and we'll back you 100%

(But she sure is a cutie pie, and we will miss those chubby little legs, and bright happy smile!)

Libby's Library said...

Oh - and have a great vacation!

Country Girl said...

I post pics but from here on out will no longer use their first. A conscious decision I recently made. I also never site locations...just Maine. Also never pictures with the kids school/team shirts. Hope this helps.

Lisa said...

If doubt is speaking to you, listen to it. It is rarely wrong. We chicks have amazing intuition, thank goodness or I'd have walked off a cliff by now!

I sure will miss seeing those little shmoopsy legs though.


Gladys said...

I'm with the rest of em. Do what you feel most comfortable with and maybe send us a few emails of the little budding beauty queen.

Also and too, have a great vacay. Where you going? Whatcha doing when you get there? Whose going with you? How long will you be out? Call me when you get there. Do you have enough money? Here put this quarter, wait it's 75cents now, in your shoe so you can call someone if you get in trouble. Did you pack plenty of clean underwear or is it one of "THOSE" trips?

Lili said...

Yes, I struggle with the family pics subject too. My mom and sis would kill me if I put them on, but our daughters say it doesn't bother them...but I still wonder myself if I should do it or not. Our instincts were designed for protection.

So...where DOES a Maine gal go when she leaves "vacationland"? Looking forward to finding out!

ANPfisher said...

well if you stop posting pics we will just have to visit more often to keep up!


Jodi said...

From the start, I opted to keep my kids names and faces private. I'm a paranoid Mama and I'd so rather be safe than sorry. (You can still post cute pictures that don't involve faces! ;-))

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

I'm just coming back from vacation myself. It's a scary world we live in and though most us faithful readers are good people you never know who's reading!! I'm with Jodi, I haven't used my darlings names or faces from the beginning but I believe a few body parts (I love their hands when they are working and back shots) won't compromise their idenity. I'm also with Country Girl, I just say generally where we are (such as maine).

Enjoy your vacation!!!