Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation Day #1:

The theme for my vacation is EXPLORE and COMPLETE - I will be exploring Washington County and completing at least one ONE of the unfinished rooms around here.....

But first to the IMPORTANT stuff: RETAIL THERAPY.

I went to Ellsworth shopping today - an hour and a half away, and even a bit further cuz I went to Orland to The Big Chicken Barn which has all kinds of antiques. I am looking for a red vintage chrome kitchen table set. No luck.

So then I went to Rooster Brothers kitchen store. Nothing.

Next stop = Reny's. Zip.
Then Marden's = Nada.
Same goes for a couple of dress shops and a shoe store and a toy store on Main Street.

Empty handed at all.

The only place I found something exciting was Home Depot - got some copper fittings and pipes for an art project.

What a total bummer of a day...........


Libby's Library said...

:-( Hope tomorrow is a better one!

Lili said...

I love the Big Chicken Barn...that would have been the place I would expect to find a vintage chrome kitchen set too. It does my heart good to see you're vacationing in our beautiful state. Copper and art sound good to us what you come up with!!

ANPfisher said...

and you didn't even call to say hi or make a lunch date FEH!

Gladys said...

There is a web site that has those tables. I'll see if I can find it for you. I ordered a sunshine yellow one a couple of years ago. They also have the step stools that make into a chair.