Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation Day #5 and 6:

5 was back breaking!!! I spent hours with an ice chipper removing the tiles from my bedroom floor....some popped right off, others shattered. These are the most brittle tiles I've ever seen - not to mention they are the dark mustard color of calf poop.

Anyway, I scraped them all off, cleaned up the mess and prepped the floor. I am sleeping on one side of the room and am doing 1/2 at a time.

My arms feel like jello .... and my shoulders feel like they have been popped out of their sockets! After supper, I went with Matt and Faye to take Kiley to a nearby playground. I couldn't even pick her up to put her on the slide!

6 was worse...I can barely move my arms this morning. Faye and I took Kiley out to breakfast at Helen's (which, I must say, is not the Helen's everyone remembers except for the pie - the 10'' high pie slices are still there! It is going quite upscale and hoity toity. A hamburger cost me $9 last week.)
Anyway, when I came home I put the first coat of the paint on. No excitement here, except it looks really clean. The base is going to be pure white. When the white is all done, I'm painting some wide stripes of a very light green (sort of a lime green). The walls are navy blue and light blue - the furniture is natural wood and my dresser is teal with green showing through. The artwork in the room is in very beachy colors (the lime, blues, teals) so the stripes will definitely pick up those colors. The bedding is white. Seriously, it'll look good - I'll show you with pictures! And the best part is that once the floor is done, at least one room in this house will finally be completed!!! Then I tackle the guest room: plastering, putting up molding, painting and new just never ends.

This afternoon I head to Bangor and the American Folk Festival. I'm meeting five of my dearest friends there for supper and fantabulous music!!! I'm thinking I'll have to drive with my knees and give my poor wrecked arms a break. See you there!


Libby's Library said...

Can't wait to see the completed room.

Oh - and one of you driving with you knees, too!

Have a lovely lovely weekend!

Becky said...

Motrin works well! You sure have been busy. Waiting on the pics too. Have a fun weekend!