Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A few photos from the trip....

Talk about a melting pot! This is the ATM near my son Russell's home. Here in Machias, we get two choices: English and French. I don't even know what all of these languages are!

Jackson Pollack at the Museum of Modern Art. I love his creations and was struck by the sheer size of them...

Diego Rivera...

Pablo Picasso...MOMA had several rooms of Picasso, an amazing, varied collection that really showed much more than just his lines and crazy faces....

And the best of all - the only painting in MOMA with its own guard: Van Gogh. This has always been my favorite painting of all time. I got tears in my eyes standing in front of it, seeing his brush strokes and the movement...absolutely unforgettable.

A view of the whale skeleton from above at MOMA.

How many kinds of omelets does your restaurant serve for breakfast? This was at the Brownstone Diner in Newark, which has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and other programs on The Food Network. What a great place!

Taryn - what a sweetie!

My Russ - we were waiting in the subway and the lighting made everyone look ill.

This was a fabulous mosaic down in the subway tunnel. Please notice the HUGE dust bunny sitting on Maine.

We exited right through the spot where the World Trade Center buildings once stood. A very emotional experience...

And my last night in Connecticut - my grandsons James and Joseph after dinner and ice cream!


Lili said...

I had to laugh at the dust bunny on the mosaic of Maine. It reminds me of watching the weather channel where their maps are always cutoff right above NH. It looks like you had a wonderful visit even in spite of you having a nasty cold bug. What an emotional roller coaster being at the former WTC site and in the presence of that Van Gogh, not to mention spending precious moments with your family.


glad you had a fabulous time! i'm so envious of your trip to MOMA - but if all goes as planned....i'll be there myself next summer :)

my 7th graders are drawing van gogh repros right now.


Teri said...