Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now let you tell me about my REAL vacation:

It began with a cold - probably the culprit is Miss Kiley, whose poor little nose is always running since she attends day care, a stew pot for germs.
I left home Thursday and by Saturday afternoon the cold was starting to rage.

Sunday it was full blown. I had NO appetite (A clear indication for me that something is very wrong) and a fever.

By Monday, I was back on the train for the return trip from New Jersey and really ill.
I arrived in Connecticut and spent the next two days in bed at my son David's. His wife Lori, herself recovering from surgery, brought me tea and tissues.

By Wednesday I knew things were worse and I had to head for home while I could still drive.
I got as far as Augusta - four hours - and knew I'd never make it to Machias.
I called my BFF Donna and she took me in, fed me cheese souffle and sometime in the night, my fever broke. But I was still really ill. The pressure in my sinus cavities felt like multiple toothaches.
I drove home and finally called Dr. Kathy on Friday. She prescribed antibiotics for my sinus infection but unfortunately it was a bit too late. About 4 a.m. my left eardrum burst.
Let me tell you, this has not been fun.

Excruciating is the word.

I am now on my last day of antibiotics and still congested, my right sinus is still solid and now I am deaf in my left ear. It has been ten days of this.......man I am exhausted. Puffs Plus and Tylenol have been my best friends and I must have consumed 43 gallons of various juices...
What a ruined vacation! At least getting to see Russ and Taryn in New Jersey was wonderful...details and pix tomorrow.


Dawn Fortune said...

oh god! you poor thing! stay tucked into bed and let the kids take care of you! Sending hugs and healing thoughts!

Lili said...

Ouch! That sounds so painful. Hope Dr. Kathy has something else up her sleeve to help you out!

Rabbit Hill Farm said...

I've got it too down here in Bucksport,ME. We call our daycare the "Petri Dish" I'm so sick of being sick!