Wednesday, January 6, 2010

heat, almost!

I finally gave up trying to work in my studio/office without any heat except what slithers in from my guest room. Mother Nature and 54 degrees in here have finally defeated me.
Dead River came today to bring me gas (as if I don't already have enough) and hook up the heater in the office.
There were two old tanks out there and the serviceman said one of them was from 1953! And you wonder why this house needs so much renovation....
Anyway, the man was delayed getting here cuz someone else ran out of heat and so I had to leave before he could hook up and test the heater. He was able to tell me, however, in a rambling 10 minute conversation, about how excited he was to see all the deer tracks around my house. Somehow that didn't help me get any warmer...

So...the sun is going down now, the chill is seeping back around my feet and I have to wait until tomorrow for real heat.
Oh Well, I guess I'll go to Eastport. If all else fails, go to Eastport. It is my personal solution for depression, goosepimples, lackluster hair, flatulence, an overcooked meatloaf and unfaithful friends. Go ahead and try it.

The beauty will astound you, even if your feet are cold.


John and Susan said...

Hi Sharon,
Always enjoy your blog postings! We are in Florida for a couple more days- apparently it was good timing to get away when we did... although it isnt hot here and much cooler than ususal, there is NO snow, and it has gotten into the 60s each day (40s at night); and we can go for walks and enjoy being outside. Feeling lucky to be here! Anyway, thanks for posting... helps to keep in touch! Hope to see you soon. love, Sue


you're so funny!

i have resorted to electric space heaters - 1500 watts that cost about .20 an hour to run (i am told so anyway) and use them in small closed-in spaces and we keep the oil furnace down low in other parts of the house when not in use.

working in a cold space is a bummer.