Tuesday, January 5, 2010

pre-dawn is a good time for thinking

It is just before 7 a.m. and the sun hasn't really risen. Oh, there are some perwinkle-colored stripes on the horizon, some lightening of the bank of clouds, but the for the most part it is still dark. My coffee is hot and good and warming me well.
All the houses on my street save one are still lightless. My closest neighbor, however, is warming up her car and will head out to work soon.

The crows are conversing noisily with each other - it's almost like they feel that since they are up and about, everyone else should be as well.

Yesterday I failed myself on the weight issues so I'm taking some time to regroup this morning. I ate a fine dinner - peanut sesame chicken, with lots of fresh vegetables (not packaged or take out, homemade), had two boiled eggs for breakfast, but fell right in the toilet with a fluffernutter for lunch. YIKES! No snacking after supper and no nibbling in between meals - that part was good. But no exercise either.

One day at a time. Take a deep breath. Refocus. Smile at the possibilities this day holds and move forward.



i love early morning darkness/stillness too...creativity seems to peak for me.

don't be so hard on yourself. making good changes and choices two times in one day is an accomplishment!!!

and who can realistically resist fluffernutter anyway?

Lili said...

Fluffernutter! Pffft . . . It's not like you had a whoppie pie . . . peanut butter is good protein!

Lili said...

. . . er . . . whoopie pie. A "whoppie" pie would be one where someone whops you over the head for eating it, I think.

Gladys said...

what the heck is a fluffernutter? I thought that was a guy who farts alot.

Dawn Fortune said...

Ah, Gladys. Fluffernutter is a New England creation. It is a sandwich made with peanutbutter and marshmallow Fluff. Fluff is very different from that hideous Mallow creme stuff available elsewhere, and is credited with making the best peanutbutter fudge on the planet.

Sharon, dear heart. Failure is not the end. It is part of the process. Think of kids in a skate park. They fail several times a minute sometimes. They get up and go again, making changes as they need to in order to get each new trick right, then they're off to the next challenge. Kids in skate parks understand that anything you can do perfectly right away isn't much of a challenge and isn't much worth doing. They also understand that failure is part of the learning process - it teaches them what DOESN't work, and that is very important, too. Don't beat yourself up. Just keep at it until you get one trick down pat, and then move on to another one. You're not going to be Tony Hawk in a week. Healthy life skills will take days and weeks and months to learn and master. Allow yourself some humanity. I know you can do it. Just don't sabotage yourself by thinking you've got to get it perfect right away.

Country Girl said...

PB fluff is not all that bad. I am doing another round of the on-line weight watchers. 3 mo for $50 I started today.