Friday, October 17, 2008

Today is a quiet day...

as my vacation starts to wind down. I must admit, I am getting a bit antsy, even though I wrote three stories while here.
Today I watched Kiley for a while as her mom worked and her daddy bought a car and brought his high-school best friend home from the airport. Poor Pat has spent 17 hours trying to get here from Wyoming! They hadn't seen each other in six years so they are going to have a wonderful visit.
The last few days have been full, though. I hiked Roque Bluffs trails and they were VERY different than Cutler. They were mostly paths through apple orchards and fields followed by a section through the woods to a salt water marsh. I could hear the waves from the ocean during the whole hike, though, and it distracted me to no end. Of course when the 3 miles were up and I got back to the car, the first thing I did was cross the street in my barefeet to go to the beach. There is something deeply sad about an empty beach in the fall - all the gulls vying for spilled lunches are gone, the children's toys and sandcastles have disappeared and even if a tourist stops by, they take a picture from the observation deck and quickly leave.
Wednesday night I went to Perry for dinner with friends. They have a spectacular home on Gleason Cove with views of islands and Canada, and surrounded by lovely gardens. I brought them tulip bulbs and they fed me was really nice but a DARK drive home.
Yesterday I had a visit from an old friend, Dawn, who worked at the Morning Sentinel in the Pittsfield office back in the early 1990s. We have kept in touch over the years and now she is a contractor in Bar Harbor. She stayed overnight and went on to a conference in Calais this a.m.
Tomorrow Danny and Amanda arrive and we're planning a huge lobster feed (can you believe they are selling for $2.50? It is horrible for the lobstermen and women....we're going to buy a whole bunch and freeze the meat on what we don't eat.)
My order from the buying club came in and I'm going to try a Hungarian Pepper Soup with the most beautiful, thick orange peppers you ever saw....

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Dawn Fortune said...

Thank you kindly for the warm hospitality and grand company! Kiley is stunningly beautiful and smart and Emma is great fun. I so enjoyed talking about old news stories, the characters we both saw, and writing as a craft. It was reassuring to hear of your writing challenges and know that mine were the same and likely for the same reasons. What a joy it was to share that time with you! Thanks!