Friday, October 10, 2008

Well, here I am

on vacation! My last free week of the year.... My little house in Machias is a very different place in the fall. My summer vacation was spent with the windows thrown open, the smells of blooming flowers and the sounds of wheeling gulls in the air. But this week, the windows are shut tight against the chill, the smell is of wood smoke and the sound I hear most often is night honking by the thousands of Canada geese headed south. I was cuddled under my comforter last night trying to fall asleep and their calls were so haunting and sad. I'm feeling a bit abandoned by them! Today, my first full day, began so lazily - a late breakfast, writing in the new cookbook and then making Seven Onion Soup for dinner. But the most important chore of the day will be to head to the hardware store for mousetraps and some plastic to winterize the foundation. Even though the geese have abandoned me, the tiny mice have not. It feels like an invasion... Really, though, they only got into the dogfood treats! This afternoon is supposed to be so beautiful that I think I'll head to Cutler for short hike.

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