Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, well, well - it's been quite an adventure

here in Machias. I was sent up - very quickly and with no notice - Sunday morning to cover the impending hurricane, which turned out not to be a hurricane. I did have a good time, though - talking to people in variety stores, on beaches, on wharves. The air was warm and of course it goes without saying that any excuse to go to Machias puts me within hugging and kissing distance of my little Kiley girl. I got an extra dayoff so Faye, Kiley and I just had the whole day together Tuesday. I put a few things in the car Tuesday night, in anticipation of leaving first thing today, and when I woke up discovered my belongings strewn across the backyard. THEIVES I SAY! THEIVES WERE AT WORK! They grabbed three bags: my backpack with laptop - which they tossed; a supply bag - which they also ransacked and tossed; and my pocketbook. They dumped its contents on the wet grass and took everything, including debit and credit cards, out of my wallet. They apparently were only interested in cash, which they took from my wallet, but nothing else. Unfortunately, however, they took my NEWS camera. Luckily, the company will replace it and any personal photos on the card were backed up in my computer. I had locked the car but failed to notice that a back window was open about four inches. They were able to reach in and pop the lock. I feel VIOLATED and that sense of safety I had in the woods of Machias is compromised. I only hope they come back and meet the skunk that lives in our back yard....that would be payback. Matt is also installing motion sensor lights today on the big pole by the driveway that will light up both his and my driveways and cars. I am sad today.....

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