Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring.

And yes, that is green grass outside my window! The tops of the trees are so fuzzy that I can almost imagine the leaves bursting forth... the weather is expected to stay wet until Thursday afternoon and then voila - 70s!!!!
Won't that be perfect for the amazing Kiley's first birthday party Saturday?

It's not hard for me to look past this rain in expectation of my youngest boy Russell arrving here with his sweetheart Taryn on Thursday night. WAHOOOO!
We are going to head up to the party and spend the weekend in Machias. My daughter Faye is planning a luau. She has party lights and flamingoes to stick in the cupcakes and little grass skirts to put around the glasses.
I'm making my famous Ooey Goey Pineapple Cake.
Well, okay. You caught me. I'm lying.
I do make a famous Ooey Goey Pumpkin Cake for Thanksgiving and it has an alternate pineapple version but I've never made it. Cross your fingers!
I'm making the crabmeat purses that I made for Easter dinner (Matt has requested them!)
And I'm making a big pitcher of Jamaican Hammocks - an amazing rummy fruit drink.
The kids are setting up a burger bar and cooking on the grill, and there will be a bunch of salads.
We are all supposed to wear Hawaiian shirts and I have a raspberry muu muu...It ought to make for great pictures!
So for now I'll watch the rain, celebrate the greening it is bringing and most IMpatiently wait for my Russell and Taryn to arrive.


Tatersmama said...

The party sounds like it's going to be amazing... and I'll cross my fingers for your Pineapple Ooey Goey Cake.
The little flamingoes sound adorable - where did your daughter find them?

Gladys said...

We have temps in the 70's today. Don't you love it?

Oh I can't wait for pictures of the party!

famous mack said...

Tatersmama....They're actually pink flamingos and green palm trees that are meant to be drink stirrers!! Shhhh...we'll pretend they're food picks! ~Faye

Becky said...

I have a simply scrumptious recipe for a Pineapple Dream Cake if you want it instead. It is so easy and they scrape the pan to get the last crumbs whenever I make it to take to a get together. So easy! That party sounds like ya'll are going to have a great time!

Jodi said...

With the weather they're calling for this weekend, it's the perfect time for a luau!

Don't forget the leis! :-)