Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tonight will definitely be a HOOT!

I'm headed into the woods of a nearby college to find owls with a bunch of scientists from MIT...

As your award-winning, go-anywhere, do-anything, dig-and-scratch-until-I-get the answers-I-want, never-to-give-up newspaper reporter with an inquiring and steel trap mind,
here are my burning questions:

Why are we trying to find owls?
How will we find them?
What will we do with them when we find them?
How many do they think we'll find?

and the most important:
How cute will the MIT scientists be? and will there be coffee and refreshments?


Libby's Library said...

A bunch of Nerdy MIT Scientists? I'd bring my own refreshments if I were you!!!

Gladys said...

In the spirit of "Dirty Jobs" will there be any Owl Poop?

Take lots of pictures!

Becky said...

I never know what to expect to find you doing next! I want to do fun things like you. You lead a very interesting life. I want to know more about the owls. Libby and I would be good at tracking owls, don't ya think?

Libby's Library said...

Hey my Royal Queeness...I left something for you at, at my place, today!