Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two chicks wearing high heels went into a sushi bar.

Check it out! My latest foray into the world of fused glass. I love me some chickens! These two fine girls are wearing yellow high heels... They seem particularly spring-y and happy this morning, even though it is raining - again - here.

Today I began the day with real inspiration: a speaker at the local high school was Enthusiastic, with a capital E -
But he imparted some wonderful advice for the kids. These are the tools he said they will need for their life journey:
* good health
* curiosity
* people skills
* books and reading
* education
* travel
* analytical skills, and
* an enthusiasm for reflection.
He said "Surround yourself with stimulating people. Don't spend 10 minutes with boring people because that is 10 minutes of your life you will never get back.'' He said to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.

He said that in the final stage of life, you begin to ask yourself "Have I lived the good life?"
Let's reflect:
I have six of the most wonderful children I could ask for, three amazing grandchildren, a job I love, incredible loyal friends; I can cook and sew and paint and write; I'm overweight, which I've taken as a sign that I'm living a VERY good life.
Okay - I'm blessed
"Life is neutral,'' this guy said. "The way you see it is everything.''

Today I see a smile on my face. I see a peace and happiness filled day. I'm going to smile at everyone I meet and find the good in every corner....I'll let you know if it works...It seems to be working for my two chickies.


Lisa said...

You'd be amazed what you can learn from a chicken.

And even though I'm stuck home with sick kids, I'm going to smile at all the chickens I meet and find the good in every goat. It will work.

Have a great day.


Gladys said...

Perception is everything!

Lili said...

You are coming up with the most amazing art! This piece is so wonderfully whimsical, it can't help but make you smile to see it. I love it!!

Becky said...

I love the chickens! Good advice, too! It doesn't take as many muscles to smile as to frown. So be happy, smile and you will have fewer wrinkles!

Kathleen said...

Your glass art is amazing. I love your remarks on life. Happiness really does come from within. THank you for the get well wishes, hugs, Kathleen

Libby's Library said...

My Royal Lady - It's soooooo good to hear enthusiasm in your "voice". You've made me smile today!!!

Tatersmama said...

I LOVE these little chickens!
And I'm smilin', because you're smilin'... ;-)