Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a difference a day of sunshine makes!

To just stand for a minute this morning and capture the azure sky washed my bad week completely away. To be outside, feeling the breeze on my cheeks, the sun on my skin, was restorative and calming. Peace - so elusive at work this week - filled my heart and I just stood and smiled.
This morning the dog and I headed to an abandoned shoe factory that lies along the river that runs through Pittsfield. There are acres of park land around the old mill and I can tell you, it was a sweet and relaxing excursion. No worries; no deadines; no pressure. Just a slow easy walk through the trees with the sound of the rushing river as accompaniment. A few birds yelled warmings that we were there and the sun played hide and seek with us.

Miss Emma was in heaven - there were a bazillion scents to follow, lots of space to run in and new places to explore. I have always thought her vision was compromised and this trip really confirmed it. I called her to me at one point and she lifted her head to find me but couldn't see me. I was about 600 feet away and it wasn't until I moved that she finally spotted me and came running. What a fine time she had and it did my heart good to see her off the leash.
What a surprise! Someone had hung little homemade bird houses all through the absolutely lovely and unexpected.
Everywhere there was evidence of the final passing of winter - a little bridge over a stream was littered with pine cones and needles, blown from the trees in fierce winter storms.
No one was home when we visited but birds (?) or others have made this tree into an apartment building.

This little trip was a gift - and just three minutes from home. Sometime the sweetest treasure are right in front of us...unseen, unexpected and often unappreciated.
You know Miss Emma and I will return again and again.


Lisa said...

Oh, that was nice. I just love Miss Emma. My youngest daughter's middle name is Emma and my great grandmother's first. And a few years ago my daughter named a pig Emma. Such a lovely name, for dogs, pigs, grandmothers and little girls too.


Libby's Library said...

I'm so glad that you and Miss Emma had a lovely day!
I just got back from my daughters bridal shower. We all had so much fun...AND the baby, oh, he makes my heart sing!!!
I hope to post photo's tomorrow!.

Becky said...

My little Elvis is losing his hearing I think. I have to motion with my hand to get him to come outside with me. I may get him a Whisper 2009! Miss Emma is cute and I'm sure you both enjoyed your little jaunt today!

Tatersmama said...

Ahhhhhh... the simple things are often the best, aren't they!
I love those little birdhouses and I want to show the photo to my Old Guy... and see if he can make some!

Gladys said...

Don't you love the coming of a fresh new spring?

Country Girl said...

Lovely post and pictures. The sun does make a Huge difference. Just got caught up on your blog, still laughing about the owl post. On of my co-workers from Pitsfield just went on a owl watch last weekend.