Friday, April 17, 2009

you have no idea

how close to killing myself I am.
Today was five hours of Legislative testimony on genetically engineered crops.
Yes, yes, I know - it is a passionate, serious topic.

But I can't take any more. And on top of it all, my BFF Trudy left today for two and a half weeks in Europe. Without me.
And my other BFF Donna, left for Texas. Again, I was left behind.

I'm going to eat an entire package of Reese's peanut butter cups and then take the dog for a walk.


Lisa said...

Well chances are the oil in the peanut butter is corn oil, which is made from genetically engineered corn of course and that just goes to show you that it's bad stuff, causing suicide in otherwise healthy writers from Maine. Bad stuff I tell ya.


Iris E. said...

Oh Queenie---
It's been awhile since I have been here at your place and this post made me smile. 1)That you are against GMOs (me too), and 2)That you are a Reese's p-nut butter cup girl (me too).

They do wonders to take the edge off!

Becky said...

Trudy going to Europe again, thought she got back from France not long ago. That would do me in. I like the really big Reese's cup and just let the whole thing melt in my mouth. AND we shouldn't be messing with Mother Nature!

Gladys said...

Well it sounds like you need a spa weekend. Too bad your too far away or I would kidnap you and take your for one. I need one too.