Monday, November 30, 2009

my marvelous weekend !

Is there anything cuter in this entire world than baby toes???

These are Karlin's. We went to visit him and his parents Saturday because my nephew David and his wife Cassie drove up from Connecticut. They really surprised me by bringing my sister Robin! I only get to see her a couple of times a year and I miss her so, so much. It was such a terrific surprise!

While visiting Karlin, Kiley got to ride in a miniature horse cart with her "Poppi" who lives right next door.

This is Jonesport Harbor Sunday night - the pink on the water was a reflection of one spectacular sunset! The nearly full moon carefully watched over everything. Jonesport and its sister harbor, Beals Island, are working fishing communities where 80 percent of the population earns its livelihood from the sea, mostly fishing lobsters. For those of you who live away from Maine, those are lobster pots on the pier.

The lighting even colored this collection of dinghies.

And painted the sky with oranges and was way prettier than the picture reflects.

This was the reason I was in Jonesport Sunday night - a flotilla of lobster boats all decorated with Christmas lights. A woman on one of the boats was singing Christmas carols and the lights on the water, her voice floating over all, was just incredible. Talk about getting in a holiday mood -

I got to ride on the U.S. Coast Guard lifeboat and I must say I was a bit nervous when I discovered that the four young people piloting the boat were just 21!!!! They were very sweet, however, and promised to save me if we sank. (Which we didn't, I'm sure you have figured out.) It was freezing on the boat, which was all open to the weather, but I didn't complain. I have turned into a real boat whore: rev the engine and I'll jump on board. I love the smell and sounds of the sea; the colors; everything about it! And to be out in the harbor in the dark was a special treat. Everything on land looks completely different - the hills, the buildings, the lights. What a great adventure.


Elenka said...

A marvelous weekend indeed!!

Gladys said...

Wow! So whose your pimp? Popeye? :)

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want some news?