Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today is the first of four days of non-stop fun!

I have been working waaaay to hard - so I had only a half day today and then met with my Writing Sisters of the Kick Ourselves in the Ass Club. We met at the Bohemian Moma's Bakery - need I say anything more???

Tomorrow I head to Detroit (Maine) to play with my newest grandson, Karlin, YAY YAY and YAY, and then meet friends in Bangor for the annual art studio tour and a pub visit! On Saturday a.m., I'm meeting more friends in Ellsworth for our yearly shopping-for-ourselves-while-we-pretend-to-shop-for-others extravaganza!

Sunday a.m. I am beginning to tile the bathroom floor - I'll post pix!
Could this be any better of a line up?
WAHOO! Let the fun begin!


Lili said...

How can you not show us any pictures of the meet up at the Bohemian Moma's Bakery with the Writing Sisters of the Kick Ourselves in the Ass Club? How will be ever imagine what it was like? Have fun you!!

Dawn Fortune said...

Shopping Ellsworth AND tiling a bathroom floor? You know how to live! Alas, we will not be around on Saturday, but I recommend the spinach pie at Martha's Diner in the little mini-mall over by Reny's. They close by 2 p.m., but they are well worth the stop!

Queenie said...

Sorry - never even thought of a picture! We meet again in December and I'll be sure and make a portrait. I'll also get a shot of the AMAZING breads and pastries at Bohemian Moma. Worth the drive to Addison on a Saturday morning ... truly.