Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, it will be back to the doctor's office tomorrow.

Look at that poor sick little girl and her fever-struck red miserable is she?

We seem to just be passing the germs around and around and around here. First me, then Matt, then Kiley and Faye. Then we all seem to get better and then Matt gets sick again. Now poor little Kiley.
Last week's fever turned out to be an ear infection (she told her mom she had a bug in her ear!) and once the meds kicked in, she almost seemed her same old self.
Until about 1 a.m. this morning. She awoke with the fever again and is so listless and sick.
I think it is her throat now as she is visibly cringing when she swallows.
I wish the weather was a bit colder - we could turn off the heat, open all the windows and kill all the rotten germs we seem to be passing around....


Gladys said...

Poor Baby!

I wake at 1 a.m. but usually it's with a hot flash! I think that we should invent a sound proof cold room for hot flashes. :)

ANPfisher said...

Just chatted w/ Faye who said she is doing a little better which is great news lots of Queenie and Emma kisses should help.

BTW you've been tagged:)