Saturday, May 30, 2009

And speaking of toenails...

I like mine blue. I have been painting them sort of a shimmery, light blue for about two years now. I just like it. It makes me smile.
Red makes my toes look like they are bleeding and pink is just so wrong. I've tried green but that makes the little piggies look like they are growing some sort of fungus....

Let me defend toenail polish.
I don't wear makeup. My hair is so short it is hardly hair, really just a fuzz now. I don't paint my fingernails or even get a manicure. Sometimes I go MONTHS without shaving my legs and my lip gloss is used only to stave off chapping. I wait so long between eyebrow shaping that I often can't even find my tweezers.

But, I really like my toenails painted. It's the one girlie concession I make. I feel good with my piggie toes all shiny and new. Even if the little toe has now completely disappeared under its neighbor. Ahhhh, age.

So, I like the blue. Problem is, some people feel the need to comment on my color choice in a professional setting. You know: open toed sandals, board of selectmen, "OhMyGod, Your toenails are blue!"

Like did they think they weren't when I hopped in the shower and, sort of like mood rings, changed color after I dried off on the towel?

Today, however, it was all made right. A little old lady, a really OLD grammie, like about 85 or 86, put her little crepe-y hand on my arm in the grocery store and whispered "I just love your toenails dear.''

There you go, you stuffy little town clerk. Blue it is.


Libby's Library said...

I want to see a photo...please?

Gladys said...

So are you saying you are Susan Boyle and can belt out a tune?

I one time wore blue toenail polish to my sortofadopted son's boy scout meeting. I think the Scout leader had a foot fetish because he kept staring at my toes and acting like he was going to lick them. I'm afraid I would have had to kill him if he did. EWEWWWWW

Becky said...

I kinda like that idea of blue polish, matter of fact I have some real pretty blue. Maybe I will change it tonight! Meagan wears blue at times also! I remember a lady I worked with, she wore yellow polish on her fingernails, I really didn't like it