Monday, May 11, 2009

Creme brulee French toast with fresh berries: do I have your attention?

That was the fabulous Mother's Day breakfast my son-in-law made for my daughter and I. I got to travel to Machias and visit my little house! I was able to hang these bathing beauties I made in glass class in the kitchen window. See the grass? It is already turning green!
Today I had to go to a funeral so I'm cutting this short....HAPPY Mother's DAY to all of you mom's out there! Tommorrow I'll post some pictures of my house - Sweat Peas Cabin. You will love it!


Elenka said...

Hope you had a very happy Mother's Day.
Grass is green down here, too. Happy Days!1

Lili said...

You are so clever with that glass! "Sweat" Peas? There must be a story...can't wait!

Queenie said...

What was I thinking!!! It is SWEET Peas!!!

Libby's Library said...

Can't wait to see the photo's!!!
So glad that you had a lovely Mother's Day:-D