Monday, May 18, 2009

I have no snakes...but I do have 42 bras!

SOOOO sorry to disappoint all you reptile fanciers but there were no reptiles this weekend. I ended up at a town meeting instead. I know! How disappointing is that!

Anyway, I am very excited because one of my favorite high school students is giving a presentation at school tonight. He is so gifted! He read "Their Eyes Were Looking At God" and then composed a piece of music to tell the story! It's Jin, of the apple pie at Thanksgiving success.

I am some excited this week about a face-to-face meeting with "Fearless Nester,'' a fellow blogger and artist here in Maine, who has created one of the bras for the art bra project. I'm going to meet her Thursday and pick up her bra! I saw a picture of it in mid-creation: shells, seaglass, etc., hanging from a beautiful piece of driftwood.

If you don't remember the bra project, we have 42 women decorating and creating bras for an auction to benefit breast cancer research. Some are glass, some are welded steel; there are beaded bras, quilted bras, even a cartoon strip bra! Some of the decorated bras belong to breast cancer survivors even. It will be amazing. Right out of the blue, a retired fashion photographer volunteered to photograph them and the hubby of one of the bra artists is creating a website. As soon as we confirm the address, I'll post it here and you can check out some of the wonders (and possibly make a silent bid?) for yourself!

Off to school now, to hear the beautiful music. Wearing my bra, of course. Where else would I hide my cell phone and keys?


Becky said...

Is that the same as the book Their Eyes Were Watching God? Halle Berry was in the movie a couple years ago and it was such a good story. Much success on the bra project, sounds like it really took off!

Lili said...

Awwww....I'm very excited to meet you too!!

Libby's Library said...

Can't wait to see photo's. I had really planned on making a bra - but the surgery put a damper on a lot of my plans;-( Maybe next year.
So glad that there are no photo's of snakes - the things make my skin crawl!!!

Country Girl said...

I met a fellow blogger once at a goat event. She was lovely. Sadly she stopped blogging and we've lost contact. I LOVE your new place and happy for you that you'll be able to move!

Gladys said...

So dear friend are you saving the pictures for one big post?