Saturday, February 21, 2009

Egrets, alligators and phenomenal support!

Check out this alligator track! and just wait until you see the gator!
Here are the egrets as well - two for one today! There is a dry season underway right now in Florida so the water was very shallow. These pix were was taken at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, which was created when the U.S. government bought up all the land around Cape Canaveral. It is open to the public and teeming with alligators, millions of migratory birds, wild hogs, armadillos and who knows what else.
We rode around the refuge with both side doors of Sue and Bill's van wide open, sun pouring in, just like a tour. Bill's knowledge of the names and habits of the birds was fantastic.

As for the diet plan, I cannot thank those of you who called and wrote and commented for your support. It was a bit scary to put my real feelings out there but I believe I needed to do that as part of this journey. I'm doing fine so far, slept well last night and am getting ready to go to an ice sculpture exhibition and then a play. I had a cheese omelet for breakfast and two hamburgers for lunch. I saved my salad and veggie for tonight because we'll eat at a restaurant and that will make it easier. Water, tea and broth have been my beverages and I am absolutely full and content. Thanks again for sending me off with applause!


Gladys said...

OK So one day down on to the next. Gum...don't forget to chew gum. Also..Where I used to have horses and where I went and road there were aligator slides everywhere. One day when my daughter and I were riding both the horses started acting up and there in front of us sat about a 8 ft aligator. Just laying in the sun. We, all of us horses included, shit and ran away! :)

Libby's Library said...

Glad that you've had a good first day. Maybe once I'm back home, and have some control over my life...I'll join you on the wight loss/healthy living journey.

I'm a little afraid of Atkins at the moment, as I already have high "bad" cholesteral problems, and Atkins will raise it even more (if only temporarily), but I have to choose my battles carefully sometimes.

Tatersmama said...

Good for you, girl ! It's not an easy road, but it always helps to have some like-minded companions to walk it with us, doesn't it??
The hamburgers sound so yummy, but I won't be able to eat much of anything for the next few days. *sob*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are off and runnng! Best of luck!! Where is the gator? Next blog maybe??

A Spot of T said...

I'm catching up on blog reading but glad to hear your first day was good and you're content and filled with the food you're eating. I really need to stop grazing at's the worst habit I have by far.

The photos are great, I'm curious to get to the post to see how big that alligator was!!