Thursday, February 5, 2009

These are my two favorite things today:

First is my painting table (I paint flat, no easel) which is waiting for me....I am working on a special secret commission and I'm having a wonderful time creating it. I promise to show you when it is done.
The second is: I FINALLY WENT SHOPPING! I have pretzels and noodles and onions and broccoli and spinach and chicken and carrots and mayonnaise and butter and oh my, I am so happy.
Today is shaping up to be sooooo good. I got to sleep late - the sun on my face woke me, that has happened since last summer! I got all my laundry done. I'm on my way now for a much-needed haircut. AND AND AND It's MOVIE NIGHT!! We're watching a film based in Paris, an homage to Trudy's upcoming European trip, and its a comedy that took all kinds of film honors. Can't wait.
Sometimes I piddle away my day off, really accomplishing nothing, while, most often, and to my friends' dismay, I work all day, making calls, setting up interviews and taking pictures. In the spirit of full disclosure, already this morning I did take a call from a state legislator about wine legislation, set up an interview with an antique farm tractor collector and let my home office know that a snowmobiler went through the ice at Eaton Mountain. Don't worry, it turns out he was able to get himself out. But, in my defense, all of these things came to me. I didn't instigate them.

I have to admit I love my work - it is exciting, rewarding, challenging, and, of course, it allows me to buy the groceries I'm enjoying. But today, with its brilliant sun and slow mood, today is for painting. I love painting. I love disappearing inside the colors for hours on end. Choosing just the right shade - sometimes I love a color so much I want to EAT it. (Thank goddess I went shopping huh?) I hear them: the brushes are calling, the canvas is humming, the colors are ready to envelop me.
ta ta see ya later.


Libby's Library said...

I'm so glad that you larder is now stocked. I wouldn't have wanted you to waste away, especially since you are coming to sunny Florida!!!
Enjoy your movie night!

Becky said...

Tonight's my night to go to the store. This ti,e fpr people food. The dogs and cats came first earlier in the week. Enjoy your movie night!!

Becky said...

My hands are so cold I can't type today.

Tatersmama said...

Whew... I was beginning to wonder if you would end up chewing on your own fingers or something, so it's good you got the pantry stocked!
Enjoy your movie night. It sounds like fun!

Gladys said...

What Movie?

I am so envious of your job. Like I said I would love to just schlep your coffee and carry your pencil and pad.

A Spot of T said...

You have two very cool favorites things indeed! Nice to see you are able to eat again. I was gettin a bit worried :)