Monday, March 23, 2009

Can life possibly throw me another curve?

Go ahead, universe, hit me again. After this past week, I can handle anything.

Please forgive me for disappearing - my son Mark, 35, who lives in Connecticut, was stabbed last Thursday. He was in the passenger seat of the car, which was being driven by his girlfriend, Chris. They stopped at a light (in a not so nice neighborhood) and a man pulled open Chris's door and tried to drag her out of the car by her hair. It was a carjacking! My son ran around the car to stop him and he stabbed Mark right next to his navel.
The wound was very small - but the knife was long and was twisted when it entered. His bowel was cut.
You know that meant emergency surgery - at 10 p.m.
There was no way I could get there at that hour so I waited until the morning and hit the road. Six hours later, my daughter, her baby Kiley and I arrived at the hospital (after getting lost three separate times during rush hour traffic!)
He is doing well.
The surgery went fine, the infection is under control and he is even farting (which is a very good sign) and yesterday they finally allowed him to drink broth and eat Jello.
Today my daughter and I and the baby drove back to Maine.
I am exhausted - physically and emotionally - but I also have some fun stories to tell. I"ll be back tomorrow after a 1/2 bottle of wine and at least 12 hours of sleep.


Lisa said...

Holy crap. I don't even know what to say. Make them move to Maine. My thoughts are with you. I'll down a half bottle of wine too, in respect.


Tatersmama said...

How horrible! I'm so glad that everything turned out okay and that your son is on the mend, but this has got me so mad that I almost want to punch someone!
How DARE they target innocent people!!

You know what they say... if half a bottle is good, a whole one can be even better! Unless you get a hangover and then you're right back where you started from.
Never mind... stick to the half bottle and a darn good sleep! You deserve it!

Lili said...

So scary to get news like that and be so far away. Glad that everything is under control and it's really good to see you back on here.

Gladys said...

Queenie, I've been holding my breath since I got your email the other day. I'm glad things are going well.

Libby's Library said...

Queenie...Becky and I were praying for him from the moment that you emailed (hope you don't mind my calling her). I was so glad to hear earlier that he was doing as well as could be expected.

You my dear woman, have been through hell and back over the last several months, so I now hereby declare that from this moment on, you life will be filled with only good things!!! AMEN
So be it

A Spot of T said...

My heart just stopped reading this, holy moly!! It sounds like he's doing well now and I'm crossing fingers he continues to recover well. What a scare :o(