Friday, March 27, 2009

You've noticed I'm not talking about the diet.

But first, I felt like being random so here is a happy picture of my daughter, Faye, and little Kiley at an aquarium in Connecticut. Those are Look Down Fish...imaginative naming, huh?

Okay, I am being dragged - kicking and screaming - back to the diet.
Here is what I ate yesterday:
one cup of coffee with milk and sugar
a bagel with veg. cream cheese (and then ate another spoonful of cream cheese)
a salad
two handsful of pretzels (I have SUCH a thing for pretzels)
a small bowl of popcorn
five glasses of caffeine-free Coke with ice
two chicken sandwiches on rye with lettuce, mayo and cranberry sauce
1/4 bag crunchy cheetos

WTH was I thinking? of course, I WASN'T thinking. I was eating, reacting.
My diet has self-destructed.

I'm going to take the weekend to reflect, clean out my frig of all IMPROPER foods, and refocus. I just don't understand why I sabotage myself at every turn. My motivation was pure; my determination was strong; I was doing well. And then - like a switch was turned on (or off?) I just started eating whatever I wanted. Emotional eating, of course. I am better than this.

I haven't weighed myself so I don't know how much damage I did.
I'm going to think of this as a rest stop: you know, you are cruising along the interstate, doing about 72. The music is good on the radio, you are comfortable in your seat.
And then you make a rest stop.
On the way out of the car, you step in gum.
Once inside, the sound is really echo-ey and unpleasant.
The bathroom is messy and there is no paper. There are no towels to dry your hands so you end up using the butt of your jeans.
No one will look you in the eye. The coffee is too hot and too strong and cost $4 and you can't wait to get out of there.

That's it - this mess is a pit stop and I'm getting back on the road. Grab the wheel, Sharon, after all - YOU are in control of this ride.


Gladys said...

I am there with you honey. Started it last week. I don't have scales so I have no idea where my weight started. I can only judge by my clothes. Kahuna is on it with me. Honestly I think I have meat poisoining. If I never see another chicken breast or hamburger pattie again I'll be happy. My appetite is starting to wan. I think I've hit ketosis much faster this time than last time. So...I'm waiting on the platform for you...this train is going to leave the station with you! :)

Libby's Library said...

You know what "got" me yesterday? Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies! My husband brought home 4 boxes of them. I promptly put them in the freezer. I've found that they taste even better when frozen...
...and then there was the Rib-eye Steak Salad, that my son made me for lunch...and the Meatloaf, Potato's and Carrots, for dinner. I don't remember what I had for breakfast, but it was probably Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy Yogurt.

I'm just like you, cruising along doing really well AND THEN something just comes over me. I start eating like there's no tomorrow. Maybe yesterday was a result of my not taking my Synthyroid...

I've been broiling lately. I asked my husband if it was really as hot as I seemed to be feeling. He said yep. Then I asked if was always this hot for most of the year. He said yep. I asked if the heat always made him feel sticky and nasty and sweaty and was it really this oppressive to everyone. He said yep. I then decided that I liked having Hypothyroidism, and would take being cold over being HOT any day!!!

Love you Queenie - hope you get back on track and feel better!

Lili said...

We all struggle with know you're not alone. But hey, you described my trip on the interstate perfectly as we leave Maine to go visit our kids. At least the end of the trip is very pleasant! And now I'm in a mad scramble to undo the damage I did in the winter. You should see what my bad self did.

Lisa said...

Well if anyone deserves a freakin' bag of cheetos, it's you.

I like the Look Down Fish. We should name people like that.. I would be "Can't walk and chew gum girl" or "Why does she talk to herself in the car chick" or as my husband's pet name for me could be, "Are you listening to me lady"


Tatersmama said...

Ahhh.. the pit-stops of life, eh?
Luckily (unluckily) for me, I can't eat anything solid until I get the hole fixed where I had the tooth extraction done. I swear I have a whole salmon patty stuck up there, so I'm afraid it's another trip to the dentist for me. I should have gotten stitches in the first place!
I've been subsisting on Malt'O Meal and I'm telling you, that stuff gets old fast when you're eating it 3 or more times a day!

This is just a pit stop honey, so scrape the gum off of your shoe, wipe your hands on the butt of your jeans and get back on the road! You CAN do it!

Dawn Fortune said...

oh man, are you going to feed us sprouts and broth on Sunday? Should we bring something with us that will require chewing??

Becky said...

I just stepped in gum the other day when I got out of the car at Wally World. Strung it everywhere! You will be back eating healthy very soon.

Country Girl said...

Too Funny! I started weight watchers on-line in Jan and lost 9lbs. Now I just try and follow their philosophy. If I eat crap one day I start fresh in the morning.

Country Girl said...

Ok I just got caught up on your blog. Sorry to hear about your son! ~Kim