Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm inviting you to share in a very special project.

Here is a press release that appeared today in our local paper. I was actually FORCED by the Goddesses of the Universe to head this project after a friend sent me a link to some of the artwork. FORCED by my love for my Aunt Babe, my friends Wendy, Peg, Renata and Beth, and for countless others I know that have been waging or have lost a battle against breast cancer.

Once I saw the amazing beauty and FUN of this project, I could not stop thinking about it, I could not forget it, I had to act. So...I'm inviting any one of you that think you might want to join the fun to read on...If your interested is piqued, check out the website that inspired me:
and then give me a call. After all, as I said in the release, we all have boobs. This is OUR disease.


PITTSFIELD -- Brassieres as art?

That's the idea behind a fundraiser to support breast-cancer research under way in central Maine and the organizers are looking for some creative, artistic entries.

Each entrant is asked to decorate a bra -- one of their own, a thrift store find or possibly one from a breast cancer survivor, in any outrageous manner, said event organizer Sharon Mack of Pittsfield.

And the more creative and unique, the better.

"Beads, quilting, feathers, papier-mache or other any medium is acceptable," Mack said in a release. "There are only two rules: Each entry must look like a bra, and each entry must be created by hand."

Inspiration can be found at any number of Web sites that feature art bras, Mack said.

"Every one of us has been touched by breast cancer -- a sister, mother, friend, daughter, or possibly ourselves, and I can't think of a better cause," Mack said. "We know there are a lot of talented women out there that could create some amazing works of art -- bra art."

Mack said she was prompted to spearhead the project, which is called "Bra Babes," after seeing photographs of a similar project conducted in South Carolina.

"The bras were unbelievable," she said. "They were such works of whimsy and imagination. Each made a statement of its own."

Nearly two dozen women have signed up for the project, Mack said. They come from Florida, Connecticut and from all over central Maine.

"Some are breast cancer survivors, others are creating bras so their daughters will never know the fear of breast cancer," she said. "Let's face it, we all have boobs. This cause affects all of us."

The deadline for submissions is July 1 and the goal is to have 40 participants. The bras will be displayed at various locations in central Maine and will ultimately be auctioned off at a special event with all of the proceeds going for breast cancer research.

For more information or to sign up to participate, contact Mack at MaineBraBabes@


Jodi said...

What a fun project for a great cause!

Libby's Library said...

Queenie - this is wonderful. My mother-in-law, and dear friend Becky (sassydog) are breast cancer survivors.
I'm not gonna promise to participate just yet. July is a long way off...but with this darn leg, and now the tendonitis in my left hand...who knows when I can get around (and dang it all, my art supplies are upstairs!)
But - I'll put my thinking cap on, and see if I can come up with a good design. If I can manage it, I'll email ya at the above address!
Hey - come over and get your award!

Dawn Fortune said...

hmmm. what a marvelous idea!I will consider what I might create. No promises, but I'm thinking!

Gladys said...

I am NOT crafty in any way shape or form...but I would love to try this. Hum...I'll have to see if this is doable for me.

Tatersmama said...

It's beyond me, but would you mind if I linked this on my blog?
I would love to do what I can... in memory of my beautiful step mother, Lee !

Queenie said...

Tatersmama: YES please share the info - the more the merrier. I know you have some talented girlies down under!

Gladys: Come on sister - you can do it!

Dawn: I would KILL to have a metal bra in the auction. Seriously. How cool would that be! We already have one being made of glass! (see the artist in today's paper)

Neas: Love you, please let getting well be your priority!

Jodi: Thanks for your support (he he )

Becky said...

Sounds like a fun thing to do. My daughter, Meagan is very creative, maybe she can help out the cause!!

Country Girl said...

Sounds like a great event for a good cause. I just sent your link to one of my buddy's that had breast ca.

rachaelgking said...

This is fantastic. Off to Tweet it now... said...


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