Thursday, March 5, 2009

A reminder of things undone...

Today my "walk 100 steps and make a photograph" challenge led me through the kitchen to the big bay window overlooking the park and there was my felted bag full of yarn.
Not just any yarn, mind you, but yarn planned for a spring top for Kiley. I think the universe was kicking my ass into gear on this - I haven't even started it and I'm pretty sure it was planned for a Vernal Equinox celebration.
That's only 16 days away.

Please notice my steps did NOT lead me to a Boston Creme Pie.
NOR did they lead me to a big hunky, tanned lifeguard named Sven.
They also DID NOT pass any one-way tickets to Hawaii, with a side trip to Australia.
They did NOT stop at the cookie jar, which is my kitchen is filled with pretzel sticks.
NOOOOOooooooo, those carefree little steps took me to the unfinished, unSTARTED, making-me-feel-inadequate and like an bad Queenie (grandma), yarn project.

It's an omen. Or maybe a curse. It certainly was a kick, at the very least, and I got the hint. I have pledged to give it a full hour tonight. It's the orange yarn I'm using and every six or eight inches there is a bobble of yarn so that when you work it up, it almost makes little three-dimensional flowers appear! We'll see how I do....remember, it's movie night.


Gladys said...

Oh Queenie what's the movie?

I wish I were talented and crafty like you.

Tatersmama said...

Oh please post a pic of it when it's done... It sounds lovely!
I don't have as crafty bone in my entire body, which is a good thing I suppose. It leaves me more time for reading, doncha know!

What's the movie tonight? It will be Nacho Libre here, so I'm guaranteed some good laughs, anyway!

Country Girl said...

Very cool photo challenge, nice picture of the yarn!

SassyDog said...

Those colors will be pretty together. Be sure to show us the finished top1 Enjoy the movie!!

Kiley "the bean" Bauman said...

Yeah get to work, Queenie!! I'm getting cold up here in the frigid north! ;) Love, Your Sweet Pea!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hi ya Queenie!!!
Too bad about Sven and Hawaii and Australia, but I'm glad that it's movie night.
Guess what girl? I'm home! Yeah me!