Thursday, March 26, 2009

sheeeeee's walking!

There she goes, my little 11-month-old (already?) Kiley, walking across her Uncle Dave's kitchen floor. Apparently she is holding her own hand for support....she started a week ago with one or two steps and now there is no stopping her! See the Irish sweater she's wearing? We call it "The Sweater" - I bought that sweater in 1966 for my brother Christopher, who was born on St. Patrick's Day. Every child born in our family since then has worn the sweater and then passed it to the next baby. It got to the point that family members trying to avoid pregnancy wouldn't even touch the sweater.
This is my grandson James, sporting a brand new permanent tooth that looks so HUGE in his little face. James is in second grade, loves skateboarding, dancing like Michael Jackson and sometimes goes by the name of Tootie. He has a hysterical sense of humor. He also wore the sweater.
This is my first grandson, Joseph, trying on his serious, deep-thinker look. Joey is a gifted skateboarder, a great student in school, plays guitar, and is wildly popular at school. He is the thinker - a bit more quiet and reserved than James, but can also be hysterically funny. He also wore the sweater.
So did Terry, Robin, Sarah, Jessica, David, Tobin, Amelia, Danny, Faye, and Russell.
Thirteen babies in 43 years - a heritage sweater. I can't wait to see who the little person is that will wear it next.

Thanks for all your support yesterday. It meant a great deal and I felt your well-wishes and even that hug, Libby. I think it did me a world of good to sort of spew out my feelings - writing things down always puts them in perspective and makes them much less scary.
It also helps that today is beautiful - I'm headed out now for a walk with Miss Emma.
I'm much, much better today - more focused and purposeful. Wrote a couple stories for myself and helped a fellow reporter with some background for one of her's.
Tonight is movie night (watching The Savages - it should be funny and warm) and it will be good to have friends in the house...
oh, and don't forget how good the popcorn and wine will be!


Lisa said...

Absolutely the cutest picture ever. Little girls are so awesome when they discover their independence (I'm still working on it). You go Kiley!

Gladys said...

I love the "Sweater" it sounds like a Nicholas Sparks Novel.

Um The Savages, yeah, Kleenex and Depends OK?

I'm glad your feeling better honey! One of these days I'm going to fly cross country and show up on your movie night and crash your party :)

Libby's Library said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better.

Enjoy your evening. (Maybe Gladys can pick me up on the way to movie night ;-)

Becky said...

Love the sweater on Kiley. I think that's a wonderful tradition. There is no stopping her now that she's completely mobile and needs no help apparently. That is one big tooth! Did you ever see the movie "Dennis the Menace" with Walter Matthau. Dennis breaks Mr. Wilson's dentures so Mr Wilson puts Chiclets in to replace his 2 front teeth. They are really big, looks like a rabbit. Very funny movie! So glad you are doing better. Cute grands!!