Monday, March 2, 2009

Where the eph has my eph gone?

But phirst, here is today's "I walked 100 steps and shot" picture. I walked phrom my bedroom into my kitchen and nabbed the jars on the counter: bow ties, egg noodles, hazelnuts, basmati rice, homemade croutons and sunphlower seeds. I kind oph like the singularity of colors, the palette is so muted. I like the rephlections and the way the one blue antique Ball jar stands out. I think I'm really enjoying this challenge!

Last night, apparently in a typing phrenzy, the eph key phell oph my keyboard. I cannot believe phor a minute that I was overusing it. I only say the eph word three or phor times a day. well...maybe more iph it is snowing non-stop, just like it is today. Since we are in the midst of a blizzard, I have to wait until the end oph the week to get the laptop's phace phixed. So, my dear phreinds, you are stuck with this phreaking gibberish...

glass class was spectacular! it was kind oph like working on a puzzle. phirst you think oph a design and then you begin CAREPHULLY cutting the glass and placing the pieces on your glass base. I chose a luscious lime green and placed squares oph black and white glass on top oph that. Then I put smaller black and white squares on top oph those.
I then put small slivers of deep red across the top squares. I then put just one tiny dot oph lime green on the very top oph one corner square. I cannot wait to see the phinised bowl! It won't be a deep bowl - just sort oph slightly turned up like you would put in on the cophee table or phoyer table, iph I had a phoyer table. The mansion DOES have a phoyer. But it's empty.
There were about seven people in the class: moms, grandmoms, two teenagers and one pre-teen. It was so much phun to see what colors each chose - such a wide spectrum. I am hooked and I already prepaid phor another class next Sunday. I think everyone in my phamily will be getting glass bowls phor Christmas this year!

(GODDESS, this eph is so annoying. Aphter all, the eph is where the left index phinger rests and now my phinger is sitting on a little rubber stub. This nippley thing is all that is lepht oph the key. The little phlat top is now taped to the top oph my laptop. yeeeeesh.)

Today, as I said, it is a whiteout out there. It started snowing in the night, the wind is howling and they predict it will continue all day and into tonight again. I hate, hate, hate it and cannot wait phor spring! The only good to come oph this storm is that I get to stay in all day and semi-relax since I worked like a dog all weekend. Seven stories and short takes on Saturday (a 12-hour day) and phour on Sunday. It was worth it - I got page one again....I seem to be on a roll.

OOOOO do you hear that? It's my canvas calling me. I woke up this morning with a painting in my head and I'm dying to begin working. I'll share when it is done.

Hope you are all snuggly warm and toasty on this white winter wonderland oph a day.


Dawn Fortune said...

Dear god, I am ready to drive down there and staple a f*ucking F key to your f*cking keyboard! How is it that yours wore out and fell off but mine stays resolutely attached? If anyone should be losing their F key, one would think it might be me. Heh. Good god, though. Is there no way you can kind of attach it back, even for a temporary fix, until you can get to the computer doctor?? I can't stand a week of this. I can only imagine what your editors will have to say. Sheeesh.

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

All I can do is laugh!!!!!! I do hope you get your "F" back soon!!

Lili said...

o I c U R w/o N EZ 1 -- U R 4tunate!

Libby's Library said...

Oh Queenie - you always brighten my day!
Go answer the calling of the canvas...and I hope that you show us the end results.

Tatersmama said...

This is the reason I hunt and peck.
Mr Cantnor would rap my knuckles with a ruler, if he could only see me now.

I hope you get your F-ing kiey back soon!

Tatersmama said...

KEY... not kiey! Oh my!! *blushes*

Becky said...

I'm missing the right shift key, Lord only knows where it went. One of the dogs probably ate it! Missing the F is really bad! Loved your implementation to make up for it though!

Anonymous said...

Whew..this "eph" thing is fun hehe...but you need to be patient in typing the letters. Glad you did great on it (wink)

Ok im "IN" for that 100-steps daily thing. Love it.

Thank you.

And yes, we're on different side of the world...glad to see your blogs and to see photos we don't have in the snow haha.

And i will walk a hundred steps til i see that thing for this daily challenge.

Anonymous said...

and oh, yesterday's March 2 here...and today's comment still registered as March 2 even if it's march 3 here in my country