Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For crying out loud...

This was going to be my lunch. No, it is not brown rice, it is BURNED rice. This is what happens to butter and rice when the phone rings...I now have candles burning all over the place to mask the stink. I may just throw that pan away to avoid having to do the scrubbing. (I have been known to throw turkey roasters away just so I don't have to clean them.)

I made an interesting discovery, however, even if it is gross and oh so unhealthy. This rice was from a four cheese and broccoli rice-a-roni box so I ended up cooking some bow tie pasta and using a bit of milk and the sauce mix from the roni - heavenly!!! Gotta make lemonade from lemons ya know.


Lili said...

At first it looked like blackberries and rice..and then I wondered if it was a colony of ants... like something Andrew Zimmern would prepare...and then I read your post. Ahh now I see. Good save!

Mr. 618 said...

You may recall I mentioned pet CPR last week; here is a video about pet CPR:

Happy Thanksgiving!