Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm still working on gratitude...

and so this morning I am GRATEFUL for the good company at dinner last night! Because I go back and forth to Machias so often, and work the odd weekends in between, it seems I have missed so many of the gatherings of my friends this year. Sunday night was great - Trudy, Royce, Donna, John and Sue - all together. We went to Pizza Hut (a very poor choice but I didn't care because I had good friends surrounding me.) We also had the worst waitress on the Atlantic Seaboard - no kidding, she didn't know the answers to any questions we had, mixed up orders, and told us she was "burned out.'' But we sat and sat and sat and talked and talked and talked until the management began giving us strange looks and our horrid waitress put on her coat.

I am GRATEFUL for friends like this: intelligent, caring, compassionate and passionate, engaged in life and world events. I am GRATEFUL that they invited me along to share the fun. I am GRATEFUL that Trudy drove so I could have a glass of wine with dinner (plus I had just driven down from Machias. bluk.) And I am especially GRATEFUL to know that anytime I need or want them, those friends will be there. Such a sense of security and safety that provides.

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Dawn Fortune said...

There are no friends like the ones you can sit and talk with through two shift changes of waitstaff. How blessed we are to have them!