Thursday, November 13, 2008


1. Why are the paper towel rollers in public bathrooms above shoulder level so when you reach for the towel all the water from your hands runs down to your elbows, soaking your shirt?

2. Why don't we subsidize the price of milk the same way we do savings and loans?

3. Why does the man who runs the dump in my town make more money than one of our schoolteachers?

4. Why do washers eat socks (and my niece's thongs)?

5. Why is the sexist, trash of a show "Two and A Half Men" on television at an hour when children are watching?

6. Why don't jean manufacturers lie and sell size 16 jeans marked as size 8 to make us feel better?

7. Why is there always one word that I can't get in the morning crossword puzzle (today it was "city on the Rhone Delta" - I don't even know where the damn delta is, much less the city)?

8. Why does one of the best songs you have ever heard come on the radio just as you pull into the driveway?

9. Why does the phone always ring when you are in the bathroom?

10. Why does the dog (or cat) always get sick (or halk up a hairball) on the carpet, just three inches from bare floor?

11. Why can I remember exactly what happened in fifth grade on the playground with Sherry Longren and yet I don't know where I put my shoes last night?

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