Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside.

When I put the dog out this morning, all 12 pounds of her, she stopped so fast when her tiny feet hit the ice covered steps that her back end flipped right up in the air. She was actually standing upside down. She then did a u-turn and tried to get back inside, mucho quicko. It was -14, -23 with the wind chill factor.

How cold is it?
There are no dog walkers in my park today.
There are barely any snowmobilers.
Only 109 people turned out at an election yesterday for a new town councilor.
The little hairs inside my nose froze when I went out to start the car.
The car almost didn't start.
When you walk on the snow, it makes that styrofoamy crunchy sound.

And here is the really good news - it is predicted that tomorrow will be the coldest day in Maine in THREE YEARS.

I quit. Call the airlines. I'm going south.


Becky said...

Baby, it's cold outside! How bout some of that corn chowder to warm you up? I am looking for a good recipe, any one you can recommend? You have done some very interesting things.

Gladys said...

See you are getting what we had over New Years. It was a balmy 35 degrees today. I went outside in my sweater. I didn't have hat hair. There is still 5 feet of snow on the ground but hey it was almost like summer!

Stay warm!

Libby's Library said...

I'm with SassyDog, above (Hey Becky, I miss you!!!), I wan'ts me some chowda!

Have you seen the YouTube video of the pug that pees standing up on his front legs? I thought of it as soon as you mentioned the dog flipping over:)

Dawn Fortune said...

yeah. Quinn had to wear her boots today. She's not getting acclimated to them - she's getting better at avoiding them. It now takes two lesbians eight minutes to get four little mitts on one little mutt. Grrr. But there's no putting her outside without them, not in this weather. They say it's gonna warm up and be balmy 23 by Tuesday next.