Friday, January 23, 2009

We're having another party here!

The kids are coming!
I've made a salad and a HUGE shepherd's pie - it weighs about 174.8 pounds - I always make too much food. My gorgeous daughter in law Amanda is bringing her famous yeast rolls along with my son Daniel; my daughter Faye, her hubby Matt and my precious Kiley are on their way over from Machias in a light snow. I even invited my ex-husband because we are celebrating Danny and Faye's birthdays. They were both born on Feb. 2, Ground Hog's Day, three years apart. Matt is bringing the cake and the ex is bringing the ice cream.
The only thing that would make this perfect if my other kids could be here too....too far to come in winter weather, though. Two are in Connecticut and then Eric is in Afghanistan, of course.

We'll eat a lot and laugh a lot and Kiley will get to see how many people really love her.
Tomorrow I'm hosting a Goddess Breakfast (pot luck and everyone catches up on what's new) and then Matt is taking Faye away for the weekend and so I get Kiley to myself!! HOORAY!!! We are going to watch Higgleytown Heros and go outside in the snow and snuggle all evening together. I don't even care right now that it is snowing - the house is clean, the food is ready, the kids are coming! The kids are coming!


Gladys said...

Ewww I love Shepard's Pie. YUMMMY. I love that the kids are all coming. Have them stop and pick up the game Taboo on their way over. Then make sure everyone has the appropriate Adult Beverage. Next pair up into teams and let the fun begin. I warn you though it can get pretty heated. :)

robinbeth said...

The only problem is, you don't sound very excited about it! LOL Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Becky said...

Sounds like another rip-roaring time at the Queen's House. I know ya'll will have good time. Wish Libby and I were there, not that we are family or anything. You are the best!!!